Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well it looks like we have a healthy baby girl on the way. Hudson and I were in heaven during our 30 minute ultrasound this morning. The tech doing it was very thorough and was nice enough to explain every single thing she was measuring and looking at. She measured the baby's brain and the fluid on it, which both measured exactly 20 weeks. She looked at her spine from top to bottom, identified the kidneys, bladder, stomach, lungs and diaphragm. We were able to see all four chambers of the heart and watch the blood flow perfectly. The technician also counted every single finger and toe (there were 20!). The baby cooperated and we were able to get a good profile of her face where we saw her nose, both lips and chin (which indicated no cleft palate). Her estimated weight is exactly 1 pound.

After the ultrasound we saw the perinatologist and she confirmed that the baby looked perfect. She said if there was anything wrong it would be something very minor.

In this picture it looks like she has two streaks going down the side of her head, it's just the angle. :) If you look closely, you can see the four chambers of her heart.

I think this is a great full-body picture

Considering that "Number 1" gesture she's giving, she MUST be thinking about the Auburn Tigers!

This is a really neat picture of her with her mouth wide open.

Sweet little foot

Although the amniotic fluid level is fine, her head wasn't positioned in an area with a lot of fluid which is needed to get good 3D pictures (plus the cord was in the way). But we did manage to get a picture of her feet, her legs are crossed at the ankles. Double click on the pictures to make them larger.


Beth Murphy said...

Those pictures are amazing! What a fun ultrasound. It's so amazing what they can see and tell us! :) I cannot wait to see her!!! I'm so thrilled everything is going so great! :) We're praying for you guys! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Ursula said...

Looks like her aunt to me!