Friday, March 14, 2008

Soccer Time!

Olivia and Maxwell are both playing Upwards Soccer this spring. They absolutely love it! One of the best things about playing Upwards is that there is a devotional during practice and each week they learn/memorize a new scripture. I took some pictures of Maxwell's practice yesterday but couldn't get any of Olivia's. They both have a game Saturday (hopefully it won't rain) and I'll have pictures of it all this weekend. Here are some pictures from Maxwell's practice.

Maxwell displaying his fine form, LOL.

Maxwell and Eliah getting ready to go.

Getting ready to kick it in (check out that tongue action).

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beth murphy said...

what a big boy! that uniform is precious. isn't it funny how huge the shinguards are on them?? LOL......alex was swallowed up by his soccer uniform. he he he :) audrey was going to play softball and decided against it at the last minute. hope you guys are doing well. i woke up thinking about you today. hope you pg is going great!!! :)