Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Big Game!
We headed down to Warner Robins friday afternoon to watch my niece, Katie, cheer at her first high school football game!! The big Northside vs Warner Robins rivalry in full swing! There had to have been at least 12-15,000 people there, it was a great atmosphere. Unfortunately my alma mater (WRHS) got beat, but fortunately for Katie her school won! No surprise there, they won the state championship last year (they still don't have the four state titles that WRHS does though!!). Mom kept Maxwell and Hudson and I took Olivia to the game with my sister and her family. Olivia really enjoyed watching the cheerleaders cheer and do stunts and tumbling. While we were there Olivia got a chance to check out the horses, I'm waiting for her to ask for one any day now!

Maxwell playing around outside

Macey and her dog

I'll post a pic of Katie cheering as soon as my sister emails me one!!! (hint, hint)

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Beth said...

I love your blog page!!! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!!

we miss you!!