Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Starting School

Olivia and Maxwell are back into the swing of things and enjoying school. I cannot believe that Maxwell is starting his last year of preschool, our little guy will be in Kindergarten next year, he's going to grow up so much during the coming year! Olivia is in 2nd grade and is having a great time. She has the same teacher and classmates that she had last year (a process called "looping") so there was no anxiety over meeting a new teacher and classmates. She's really excited b/c they are getting down and serious with science this year. She's even had her first science quiz already! If there's one thing that is different about 2nd grade it's the number of tests she takes. I think her class averages about 5-7 a week! Speaking of tests, all of the 2nd graders in the county are taking a standardized cognitive test this week....GA loooves testing their students! Here are some pictures from the first day of school.

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