Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Retrieval and Transfer

Exactly a week ago on the 24th, I had my egg retrieval. This was the easiest part of it all, I had conscious sedation and don't remember a thing. My doctor's office took very good care of me, they have a surgery suite at their office so I was able to avoid the hospital's O.R. The doctor (mine was at a conference at Harvard) retrieved nine eggs, six of which were mature and four of which fertilized normally. I wasn't real thrilled to hear this report the day after. My worst fear was that I would get there Saturday and they would say, "sorry, none of your embryos made it.". Well to my surprise not only did they all four make it, two were high enough quality to freeze. So on Saturday, our two "gorgeous" (to quote the embryologist) embryos were transfered. I won't get into the details b/c most people don't have an idea how it all works but the doctor stressed that it could not have gone better, the "environment" for the embryos was perfect. So now we wait and see. Even with the best embryos and best transfer, it still may not work. We're prepared for that but hoping we won't be in that situation. Any and all prayers are appreciated, thanks to everyone for their love and support!

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