Friday, April 15, 2011

Eleven Years Ago..

This sweet baby girl was born.  Her arrival was such a blessing to me and Hudson, nothing has been the same since and we wouldn't change a thing. Life was no longer solely about us as a couple, but about the precious miracle God blessed us with.  

She was such a pretty baby. :)

We were in love with that little bundle.

We weren't the only first-timers, Nana and Papoo with their first grandbaby, they now have 9...which will be 10 this fall!

Ganmamma with granddaughter #3!

We are so proud of you Olivia!  God has blessed us with a smart, loving, compassionate and beautiful daughter.  Keep trusting in Him and seeking His will!  We love you!

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Mer said...

Love!!! I remember that day... How did 11 years pass?!!