Monday, January 19, 2009

Who is that passy-loving baby?

Since the day she was born, we've been working with Abigail on taking a pacifier. I know some experts would not think this was a wise decision, but I've been there and done that with 2 other babies and it is sooo nice to have something to offer the little one when they are screaming their sweet little heads off in the car or crib. All of a sudden, without warning, Abigail has taken to a pacifier! And my sweet little coordinated baby can not only pick up 2 different styles of passys, she can get them in her mouth! I offer it to her after she's eaten and when she starts to get a little sleepy. Thankfully, she's a really good baby and doesn't just get fussy for no reason (excuse the bragging) but it does keep her occupied in the car, and we are in the car a lot.

She's also really improved her sitting by herself skills, I never invested in a Bumbo seat (I'm too cheap) so she doesn't get a ton of practice sitting up, but she's doing really well!! Abigail's hair is growing like crazy, it's just now to the point that I have to actually brush it down after a bath or it will stick up all over the place.

Check out that profile and all of that hair.

If I never post again on this blog, you'll know it's b/c my mom drove back up here to Fayetteville to strangle me for posting this picture, but I thought it was a cute shot of the two sleepy heads this morning (check out Abigail's crazy hair).

Our little one posing for me while watching some cartoons on TV.

In Olivia news, she found out today that she only has three more visits with her orthodontist before she gets her braces off (in May). She's getting them off much sooner than expected, the doctor has done about as much as he can at this point and she may have to have them again in a few years depending on how the rest of her teeth come in. Our experience with her having braces has been so much easier than I expected. I envisioned crying fits after having her braces tightened (I can remember how badly that would hurt me) and stuff getting stuck in her brackets, but it's really been no big deal.

She's acting silly here, but she wanted to show off the pink bands on her brackets...she got those today.

The biggest thing going on with Maxwell right now is his EXTREMELY loose tooth. This tooth is hanging on by a thread, if he sneezes I think it's going to fly out of his mouth. But he refuses to let Hudson pull it (I don't pull teeth, I pulled Maxwell's last one and it grossed me out). I'll try to get a picture of the thing dangling out of his mouth tomorrow...unless he swallows it in his sleep tonight.

As far as me, I'm loving my new laptop. This gem is so fast and I'm actually enjoying Vista, despite all of the bad press, it's working very nicely for me. I love being able to lay in my cozy bed and surf the net until I can't keep my eyes open any longer. By the way for you Gymboree fans, don't forget, Gymbucks expire soon!

Hudson has had a long hard weekend, he's been working on achieving a goal and just cannot get it done no matter how hard he tries. Despite the kids and I cheering him on every step of the way, he's still suffered an agonizing defeat each and every time. No this is not Ga. Pacific related...that stuff is a breeze compared to this....bless his heart, he just CANNOT rescue Princess Peach on Super Mario Bros. This is the old school Mario Bros...the game we played in like '84. We downloaded it to the Wii (for a whopping $5) and it's a been a thorn in Hudson's side since he first picked up the remote to play it. He just can't get past old Bowser on 8-4. If you have any tips, send them his way! And if I never post again on this blog, you'll know it's b/c Hudson strangled me for disclosing his Wii addiction! :)


Mer said...

Now that was a record post, courtesy of your new "gem". Ha! Had a good visit with hud yesterday while you were out shopping. I can't believe Olivia is already getting her braces off..don't tell Adam! Abibail's hair is sprouting all of a sudden. Tell Maxwell, that after 7 months, Allie teeth still are not in on the bottom! He needs to slow down.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Cute baby! Give her the passy when you are out and about and she won't be sticking other germy things in her mouth. I always thought the passy kept them healthier. Also, great pink bands on the braces! My daughter goes in on Wednesday for a check and will get new bands. It is always a huge to-do on what color she will get. She makes long list and then has us vote to narrow it down. In the end, she usually comes out with a different color combo than one of the choices we spent days talking about all together!

Beth said... that was some serious updating! but i enjoyed it. tell your mom she looks beautiful! so proud of abigail for sitting up so well. what a big girl!! :) and just keep cheering hudson on. tell him i said, maybe one day. :0

Melissa said...

Funny, Hudson actually beat Mario bros last night. Maxwell was soo excited, I should have gotten it on video!