Monday, December 14, 2009

Our church, New Hope Baptist, performed their annual Living Christmas Tree. After several months of practice, Olivia and Maxwell were so excited to finally perform the songs they had worked so hard to learn. It was a long week of 8 performances but it was completely worth it to celebrate Jesus' birth! Below is a clip of the first song the children's choir performed, "Follow the Star". Maxwell is quite the performer!

Olivia was very excited to have a speaking solo this year, she performed it the first four shows. We think she did wonderfully!

I cut that video short so I could take this cutie pie picture; Olivia looks so young to me for some reason...her sweet little round face.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of Maxwell in his biblical costume during the performance, so here's one I took while he tried it on.  Sweet little boy.

The Living Christmas Tree show was absolutely amazing! Regrettably, Hudson and I were not Joseph and Mary again this year, they had a couple of age-appropriate teenagers instead. I guess we were deemed too old! The entire show focused on our Savior and the finale really brought the house down. There was everything from angels to wise men to kings and a sweet baby portraying Jesus. And how could I forget the real live camel!? I cannot wait til next year!

Edited to Add:  One of Olivia's favorite songs of the Tree:


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Mer said... seeing all the video. Olivia does look like she did 5 years ago in that pic. I know you are glad for Monday too!